balliol cod club

The Balliol Cod Club was formed in 2002. The annual event to the Isle of Wight is the mainstay of the club's activities; its sole purpose to catch cod. To date, trips have involved the 'Cod Father', Ron Bundy, whose boat the Dulcie T has seen varying degrees of cod action, and a variety of Cod Club anglers. Following the Inaugural Balliol Cod Dinner 2002, each year there has been an epic feast, held in Balliol, to celebrate the achievements of the anglers and welcome new members into the club. To become a member of the Balliol Cod Club one must have caught a cod during the annual trip, or otherwise sink to the lowly depths of associate membership.

2006 sees the move of the Annual Dinner to Corpus Christi. More news and photos on the success of the trip to follow soon.

  • Fonger Y
  • Prospective members:
  • Andrew Brinkley
  • Chris B
  • James H
  • Olly Mears
  • Nick Oury
  • Andrew Prenter
  • Current Members:
  • Thomas Brightwell
  • Victor Christou
  • Geoffrey Evatt
  • Teoman Oszan
  • Associate Members:
  • Francis Brinkley
  • Johnathan Cooper
  • Andrew Fowler
  • Kevin Gallagher
  • David Haughie
  • Thom Maloney
  • Ian Marsh
  • Jacob Rigg
  • 2005 proposed menu:

  • Champagne
  • ~
  • Soup
  • ~
  • Sorbet
  • ~
  • Cod, vegetables and mash
  • ~
  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • ~
  • Cod Surprise
  • ~
  • Coffee & Mints
  • ~
  • Cigars
  • Port
  • Wine
  • Dessert Wine
  • A few pictures from the cod trip last year:

    Three years of toil produce a fine Cod. The second smallest in the club's history.

    Clockwise from top left: Thom Maloney, Ian Marsh, Thomas Brightwell, Andrew Fowler, Kevin Gallagher, Johnathan Cooper, Geoffrey Evatt, Francis Brinkley

    Setting off from Milford on Sea, heading toward Hurst Castle.

    From left: Kevin Gallagher, Ian Marsh, Thomas Brightwell, Thom Maloney

    Geoff sharpens ready to fillet some Cod.

    Filleting the evening's meal. In a few hours time the fish will be cooked and become part of a seven course feast.